Are their ANY disadvantages for sneak killing with a 2-handed weapon?

#11LockeadonPosted 10/29/2012 3:19:45 PM
muffle MIGHT make it silent and so MIGHT the silence perk. not sure on either i have absolutely no direct experience with two handed weapons other than bows. im working toward dragonbone bow which supposedly has the best dps just barely edging out the bound bow and auriels bow... i prefer dps over dph so i dual wield dragonbone swords on the rare occasions i have to fight up close. they have monster dps especially with the dual perks and elemental fury ^.^
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#12tri sapphirePosted 10/29/2012 3:37:12 PM(edited) much wrong.

1. Gloves with backstab/"double sneak attack with one handed weapons" only affect one-handed weapons and daggers.

2. Magic has no sneak attack bonus. Bound swords and bows will get the same bonus a regular sword or bow would get.

3. The muffle effect will most likely not silence your attacks (as far as my testing shows).

4. You can edit posts now, so you didn't have to make 3 in a row.
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#13DarkSeraphMPosted 10/29/2012 5:17:25 PM(edited)
Archery - 2x sneak bonus (3x with Deadly Aim)

One-Handed - 3x sneak bonus (6x with Backstab; 12x with Backstab and Shrouded Gloves/Handwraps)

Daggers - 3x sneak bonus (6x with Backstab; 12x with Backstab and Shrouded Gloves/Handwraps; 15x with Assassin's Blade; 30x with Assassin's Blade and Shrouded Gloves/Handwraps)

Two-Handed - 2x sneak bonus (no applicable perk)

As I am given to understand, anyway. So the immediate disadvantage would be a severely limited damage potential. If you normally wield 2H, then keep a dagger or a 1h sword for your assassinations. Unless you don't plan on taking Sneak perks or doing the Dark Brotherhood; then it doesn't matter. Swing away.
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#14SahuaginPosted 10/29/2012 8:47:21 PM
From: Lockeadon | #010
another thing there are a number of hand gears that will double your sneak attack damage while equipped. i dont have direct experience with them but i assume they apply to all forms of sneak attacks, like with one handed weapons it would be twelve with them on (and 24 with them and berserk) and 4 for two handed weapons (8 with berserk) 6 with bows (12 with berserk) and same with magic whatever the multiplier is for that

glove buff doesn't affect bows; magic has no sneak attacks (unfortunately... should at least have x2)
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