1 Reason Oblivion Is Better Than Skyrim...

#41oldtanPosted 11/9/2012 1:38:52 PM
Personally, I enjoy both Oblivion & Skyrim. However, the one aspect of Oblivion that I would like to see in Skyrim as well is the ability to customize the armor into separate parts rather than the all or nothing way it's done in Skyrim. It would be nice if they could fix this in a DLC, but my hopes aren't too high that this will happen. Would be nice though....
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#42nathraxhPosted 11/9/2012 2:39:03 PM
Oblivion's lack of life was a massive problem, I agree, but the few things out there were worth looking for. Very few quests ever related to them, but for interest's sake, they were worth finding (such as the Cammona Tong skooma traffickers, the master trainers who lived alone, the villages with nothing connected to them.

Skyrim's the better game, but Oblivion had some genuine delights that could've been implemented in Skyrim.
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#43SPMcKinneyPosted 11/9/2012 3:03:13 PM
M4nnimal posted...
Arena and some swordplay mechanics are the only things I really miss.

If only they actually put the arena in Windhelm...sucks they didn't :(
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