What is the name of your dragon?

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4 years ago#41
Geno146 posted...
Forget having a fancy name, I'm naming my dragon Sunny Muffin.

adult swim ref?
4 years ago#42
Reza (rehzah)

Hadrian most likely though, or linnaeus.
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4 years ago#43
If I can fight while mounted, then Trombe. The ability to give him a black and red color scheme would just sweeten the deal.

If not and he breathes fire, then Scorch. If he breathes frost, then Cyril.

This assumes, of course, that I won't be limited to Odahviing.
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4 years ago#44
Partytothemax II
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4 years ago#45
draco, guess I watched a little to much dragonheart as a kid
4 years ago#46
4 years ago#47
Dante Stormblade
4 years ago#48
History is written by those who have hanged heroes.
4 years ago#49
Dreadsword101 posted...

That was a good movie. You hear they're making another one?
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4 years ago#50
> nobody mentioned Spike yet

> faith in board slightly restored
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