Who'd win in a fight 90 U.S Marines it 15,000 Argonian Soldiers

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Don't know about you guys but magic>guns.
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synthetiksin posted...
Don't know about you guys but magic>guns.

Too bad there aren't enough guns...
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why would it be just infantry? with armored divisions and air support and field artillery and new technologies like the wide variety of missiles and bombs that could take out their whole army, not to mention land minds and other lovely traps. and autocannons.
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Lockeadon posted...
why would it be just infantry?

Because that was all the original post set this "competition" up as.
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i think i read this book... oh yeah it was written by Tanya Huff. Valor's choice i think it was
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that wouldent even be a contest. even if every marine had guns and the argonian soldiers were using there bare hands the marines would still lose
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The_Viking_Swan posted...
synthetiksin posted...
Don't know about you guys but magic>guns.

Too bad there aren't enough guns...

Magic that explodes, turns friends into foes, and doesn't need equipment? Dump a stone astronach, let the marines freak out over that, turn one of them against each other, kill the rest.

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All the Argonians have to do is Rush em and they would be quickly overrun. It's kind of unfair. 15,000 Argonians vs 15000 fully armored and fully armed marines with rifles, grenades, gas masks, and support weapons and the marines easily win.
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Rikashi posted...
PantherRider posted...
bretopher posted...
Argonians. Not even enough ammo to kill all 15,000 if each bullet killed one argonian. And there is just way too many Argonians.

yup math comes out to 13500 bullets... Unless they are all crack shots who never ever miss and unless they actually have knife throwing abilities then they are screwed plus like they say the whole black marsh thing and being a toxic environment...

'merica will have to send more specialized Marines with some sort of gas mask and plenty of rations to have a chance. N i love 'merica.

This thread makes it seems like Marines are useless without their guns.

I mean, those Argonians have spears, bows, and maybe some magic. It's not like they're invincible in melee combat (excluding Hist powers of course)

Man, i'm not saying they are useless... it would be like saying "Marines can walk through mustard gas WITHOUT masks unhindered and continue to fight..." They can't as much as we want to believe they are Supermans older bad ass bro's they really are just human so what affects you and I will affect them, saying that they are in an environment with toxic gasses with no sort of protection is simply giving into reality, they would be fumigated, while argonians sit back and drink skooma or some crap.

You get me wrong... the way the tc set it up its in the black marsh and the marines only have their camo and an M16. So thusly no gas masks = pretty much the loss... however if you give 90 marines the resources they commonly have or would be prepared to have on such a mission(air strikes, better weaponry, maybe flack jackets, gas masks, boats, etc...) then yeah they would probably tear them down plus give them more bullets. because it would be impossible to hear of an army never miss a single shot 90 vs 1500 hand to hand seems a bit unfair you can have the biggest 90 men in the world vrs the skinniest 1500 guys eventually there energy will run out...
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2 days later: Marines have just invaded Black Marsh... don't ask us how they found it but they did... Bush standing by to give the victory speech.