Things Oblivion does better.

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True! It's all true. People are just blind to the truth. For they try to blind us all!

But they won't blind me.... Because they cannot blind what is already blind! Wahaha!
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Ki_cat_ posted...
Can't read a paragraph? :p

I also liked Oblivion's enemy variety. You often just see more of the same dudes in Skyrim.

No I can't read a paragraph I'm blind. The person who reads messages for me didn't feel like reading it.
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Quests. Especially the guild quests.
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I liked how Oblivion was more like Morrowind which is more like what every Elderscroll game needs to strive for which is more than Skyrim can say because it's more like a fantasy FPS. Fetch that, fetcher!
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Yeah, Morrowind was more of a "DnD" inspired RPG like Baulder's Gate and a lot of others in that era. We're evolving into a more action based RPG now. Gamers these days simply don't want to actually invest time in their games. Hence why something like Monster Hunter is rather niche in NA.
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can we please "pause" so I can respond?

As it is, I can't even quote you clowns fast enough. - )

Moonsugar on top?
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- Better quests.
- More cities (although worse).
- Probably better dialogue.

Can't think of anything else.
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Ajd_King posted...
-- More cities (although worse).

My......... well I'm a jerk. = )

Go ahead and layout for me please what makes (oh I dunno) Bruma, Anvil, or Skiingraad better than any particular (walled) city in Skyrim...

Then (oh... yeah... sometimes I'm a jerk too)... THEN I want you to name a single ruler who's not "count Skingrad" without looking it up.

Youu'll be the only one who knows, but you'll know. That's enough for me. I've got enough time in Oblivion to be able to name one. Can I? No.

Point Red team.
I can't remember being this angry.
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IamI3rian posted...
Ki_cat_ posted...
1)It's very annoying how in Skyrim, time isn't frozen. Sure, it's not very "realistic" but the other NPCs don't shut up.

2)I liked carrying around the alchemy tools. Sure, I never *needed* to make a potion on the fly but it's nice to just brew some if a dungeon was being difficult.

3)The guards had their own charm for me. Skyrim guards only spawned a meme but they don't really stand out.

4)Oblivion had worse gameplay elements but it gave you more genuine discoveries. A lot of what *you* can discover wasn't related to a quest.

First, 1) Duh.

So, we've got that. He's right, we all know it, but there's nothing really more to say about it. From experience (hearing problem) I can tell you that the subtitles "skip" just like the dialogue. A non-issue for most of you, but it's still there. There's no way around the jumbled dialogue.

2) Ki... you're an milk-drinker

3) Skyrim's guards will be more famous than "stop right there crimiinal scum."

What's better? I dunno. More famous? Please.

Might want to edit out "idiot" before you get modded brah.
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