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4 years ago#41
Here are the new alchemy ingredients in Dragonborn and all their effects.

Ash Creep Cluster
-Damage Stamina
-Resist Fire
-Fortify Destruction

Ash Hopper Jelly
-Restore Health
-Fortify Light Armor
-Resist Shock
-Weakness to Frost

Ashen Grass Pod
-Resist Fire
-Weakness to Shock
-Fortify Lockpicking
-Fortify Sneak

Boar Tusk
-Fortify Stamina
-Fortify Health
-Fortify Block

Burnt Spriggan Wood
-Weakness to Fire
-Fortify Alteration
-Damage Magicka Regen

Emperor Parasol Moss
-Damage Health
-Fortify Magicka
-Regenerate Health
-Fortify Two-Handed

Felsaad Tern Feathers
-Restore Health
-Fortify Light Armor
-Cure Disease
-Resist Magic

Netch Jelly
-Fortify Carry Weight
-Restore Stamina

-Ravage Health
-Ravage Stamina
-Ravage Magicka
-Lingering Damage Health

Spawn Ash
-Ravage Stamina
-Resist Fire
-Fortify Enchanting
-Ravage Magicka

Trama Root
-Weakness to Shock
-Fortify Carry Weight
-Damage Magicka
4 years ago#42
Have you tried planting any in your Hearthfire home? I ask because Dawnguard ingredients couldn't be planted.
Winter is coming
4 years ago#43
obishawn posted...
Have you tried planting any in your Hearthfire home? I ask because Dawnguard ingredients couldn't be planted.

I haven't tried yet but I've read posts by other people who have. They said it didn't work.
4 years ago#44
Rare Apothecary Satchel, west of Wreck of the Strident Squall, near a small boat on the shore, Solstheim
Winter is coming
4 years ago#45
*Spoilers for Dragonborn below*

Dragonborn introduced several new effects to increase your crafting skills. So I tested what the new cap is on the Alchemy/Enchanting loop (note: this is not the Fortify Restoration exploit). I had every perk in the Alchemy and Enchanting trees that increases magnitude. I wanted a completely legit guy, so I did not test how high you can get it with the Falmer helmet exploit or as a Necromage Vampire.

Here's what I did:

1.) Equipped four pieces of Fortify Alchemy 25% gear.
2.) Read the Black Book: Shallow Regent, teleported to Apocrypha, and obtained the Seeker of Shadows passive ability (boosts all Stealth skills by 10%, including Alchemy. I don't know if it just boosts the effective skill level or applies a straight 10% modifier to potion magnitude, but it defintely provides a boost).
3.) Read the book again and reported back to Severin Manor, created a Fortify Enchanting potion.
4.) Read the book again, wen to Apocrypha, got the Seeker of Sorcery ability (boosts all magic skills by 10%, the schools get 10% cost reduction that stacks multiplicatively with enchants, while Enchanting got a 10% boost, again I dunno if it's an effective skill boost or a straight up modifier).
5.) Read the book to return to the manor, equipped Ahzidal's Boots and 3 other pieces of the set to give me the Ahzidal's Genius effect (gives +10 Enchanting skill). Then I drank Fortify Enchanting potion, enchanted 4 new pieces of Fortify Alchemy gear. And equipped the gear I just made.

Then I repeated steps 2-5 several times, until I hit a cap at 40% Fortify Enchanting potions.

To be clear, every single time I enchanted something I had both Ahzidal's Genius and Seeker of Sorcery active in addition to the Fortify Enchanting potion, and whenever I made a potion I had Seeker of Shadows active. In this way, I was able to make the following once I hit the cap:

Fortify One-Handed 57% enchant (Two-Handed, Archery, Sneak, etc. are all the same magnitude)
Fortify Alchemy 35% enchant (Destruction, Smithing, etc. are all the same magnitude)
Fortify Smithing 158% potion
Fortify Enchanting 40% potion

There is also the Seeker of Might passive ability that increases all combat skill by 10%, including Smithing. So with this, weapons can reach even more stupidly overpowered heights.

And once again, this was completely legit, not using any exploits, not even being a Necromage Vampire. But it is very tedious switching back and forth between the Seeker powers to get the maximum effect.
4 years ago#46
Wow, Nanaya27, that's pretty awesome. And if anyone skipped over that post because of spoilers, don't worry, it isn't a plot spoiler.
Winter is coming
4 years ago#47
Ugh. Most of my tables will have to be recalculated/amended. Boosts to smithing could make it easier to hit the armor cap, enchantment tables have to add in the enchantment values with the new abilities. Hopefully I can just include a (if using X, multiply by Y).

There is sooo much content in this DLC.
4 years ago#48
I should probably mention that switching between the different Seeker abilities isn't terribly important. You're only gaining 1-2% extra magnitude on armor enchantments by constantly switching them as opposed to sticking with Seeker of Sorcery.

Oh, and something to note about Ahzidal's Genius, it only activates when you're wearing exactly four pieces of the set, and one has to be the boots.

Another thing, the Chaos enchantment is ridiculous. Pretty sure people have already found they can get numbers in the 200s with it, and that's because it's boosted by all three Augmented ____ perks. If you have 2/2 in all those perks and dual enchant a dagger with Fear & Chaos, you'll get a level 91 Fear enchantment, and that's without Ahzidal's Genius, Seeker of Sorcery, or Fortify Enchanting potions.

The new Dragon Priest masks also act exactly like the Augmented perks. Have a Fire & Shock damage dagger? Equip the shock mask and both effects will be boosted by 25%.

Thanks to all these shenanigans, my mage is running around with a non-exploited Nordic Dagger with 118 Absorb Health & 286 Chaos damage, as well as a Stalhrim dagger with 232 Frost Damage and 358 Chaos damage.

I wish Bethesda had given us something like "Chaos Blast: expert level Destruction spell that does 30 points fire/frost/shock damage". Would've been so ridiculous.
4 years ago#49
On the western coast of Solstheim, near the Wreck of the Strident Squall, I found a few clam shells that, when you move the cross hairs over them,said "Harvest Pearl Oyster.". I just found another near Frossel, on the northeastern coast.

So, pearls now respawn?
Winter is coming
4 years ago#50
Chaos + Turn Undead, Frenzy, Fear, Absorb's like just makes everything better.

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