Which Echantments For My "Final" Armor Set?

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4 years ago#21
1stLoneDragon posted...
I havent downloaded any updates. Does potion of restoration not affect your alchemy armor anymore?

So, Health and Magic are better than Health Regen and Magic Regen?

I use Alteration mostly for Detect Life

Should I just cure my lycanthropy and become a vampire and take necromage?

Ah, that would be that reason. It still works, but that's what's known as the Fortify Restoration exploit. With that, you can pump any enchantment or potion into the millions if you want. It's good IMO that you're only using it in a very modest degree.

Health is better than health regen if it's one or the other, for magic it depends of how much magicka you already have. If you have a bunch (like 600+ IIRC) then regen is better, but otherwise more magicka is better.

I'd actually put a Fortify One-Handed or Fortify Sneak enchantment on your gauntlets instead of magicka, though. If you're only using Alteration for Detect Life and you have a decent amount of Illusion cost reduction, then you shouldn't really need any more magicka. Ditto with Alteration cost reduction.

There's no need to become a vampire unless you want to be one. It will boost your enchantments with Necromage, but honestly it's not worth it if you like being a werewolf or dislike being a vampire. There are methods to become hybrids, but I don't know the details or which ones work in which versions of the game.
4 years ago#22
I thought I had it right, but the items ended up being way too powerful. It's hard to resist a ring of +2025 carrying capacity though.
So, I reloaded and scaled the items back a lot and they looked ok...
But after playing for a little while I am too powerful.

I read somewhere that a fully smithed dragon scale armor set hits the armor cap without exploits, so I guess being this hard to kill is naturally part of the game. Does that mean I no longer need the Lord Stone?

Is maxed out magic and elemental resistance overpowered late-game?

The main problem then must be the amount of damage I am dealing. I find that the majority of enemies go down in one shot even if I am not sneaking. Notable enemies that take two shots to kill are powerful draugr, briar hearts, oddly some rare mammoths will eat the first shot and take very little damage, then drop on the second shot.

Dragons are oddly affected very little. They seem to take almost as long to kill as they used to.

I have taken all the Archery perks. My gauntlets have +174% bow damage. My current bow says it deals 404 damage without the gauntlets equipped, but only 110 with the gauntlets(?).

So, do I need to remake my gauntlets or smith a new bow or both to balance my damage?
4 years ago#23
4 years ago#24
You can try not using the Fortify Restoration exploit, but even then you can still get ~500 damage weapons if you have all the right perks. The only real remedy is self control.

And your displayed weapon damage is glitching because it is only able to show three digits. Your bow is actually doing 1106 damage with your gauntlets equipped.
4 years ago#25
I just started using a bound bow and that seems to help a lot.
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