Why didn't you get the Pc version?

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User Info: Brenz0r

4 years ago#12
JMHgamer posted...
*shift to open console* TGM

That's why.

You have self-control issues?
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User Info: DocOdine

4 years ago#13
strifechug2 posted...
I didn't because I don't have a PC.
There is one big difference between Call of Duty and Skyrim. Call of Duty adds content each game while Bethesda takes away. -MC2011

User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#14
The state of the pokemon board...

User Info: shorthandle

4 years ago#15
You talking to me? I just bought a GTX 660 graphics card so I use the texture packs on ultra-high. Man, that looks good.

I'll be chewing my fingernails off when the next DLC comes out and I go back to the Xbox. Those deadly load times are really tough to take after playing on the PC. I'm wearing my long-johns of fire resistance, so flame away.

User Info: th3warr1or

4 years ago#16
Because when Skyrim came out I was on a laptop that would overheat while running D3 (and yes I know D3 came out half a year after Skyrim).

I'll definitely get GOTY on PC when it comes out though.
I am Thor Odinson of the Vikings, giant. I am not the god of reason and understanding.

User Info: CrusnikCain

4 years ago#17
i use my console more than my pc
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#18
I using my computer for writing story, not playing like a foolish!
I used to be hearing person like you, until I took the fever in my ears. ~FredCat

User Info: djayk85

4 years ago#19
Because I have a mac
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4 years ago#20
Old PC. Love Xbox.
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