Netch Leather!

#1EmptyStar12Posted 11/24/2012 8:30:09 PM
We have Netches!

Well? What will they drop?
What about.......... Netch Leather!!

This is what the armor looked like in Morrowind:

Well, I've noticed some similarities with these:

The first has stitching a lot like the original Morrowind armor, the second picture (the cultist)) has robes which look a lot like a mix between the two Morrowind Armor types.
The last looks like it's covered in leather too.

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I used to have an Eric Cartman sound device. If you pushed on one of the 4 sides of his head, he would say a quote. You know, like "Well screw you too!", "You piece of crap!" and two others I can't remember fully....

... I have no clue where it went.
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#3Fisto_Posted 11/24/2012 9:02:30 PM
Please assume the position.
#4tzar_666Posted 11/24/2012 9:07:26 PM
we use to get ectoplasm from ghosts. not any more. no guarantee netches will drop leather or scribs will drop jelly.
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#5chufaPosted 11/24/2012 9:34:23 PM
They will probably drop a netch hide which you can "smith" into leather
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