If you could have anyone voice the first Dragonborn...

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Lupin the 4th posted...
SteadyingMeat posted...
Liam O'Brien

Conan O'Brien.

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how about multiple voices like the master from fallout. You could have one for every soul he absorbed.
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Tim Curry. It would be awesome, creepy, and hilarious.
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Eddie Murphy
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Crispin Freeman. Master of the growl.
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Peewee Herman:

HAHAH! Let's make this one into a pair of boots! What do you say, chair?

Porky pig:

Well we kikikikilled the dragon. Now it's time budebudebude time to absorb its er power.
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Christopher Walken!
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Patrick Stewart was already the voice of the Emperor in Oblivion. Would they even re-use him?
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VoiceJail posted...
Crispin Freeman. Master of the growl.

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Joe Pesci.
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