Is Skyrim art?

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User Info: The_Real_Turnip

4 years ago#11
phishface posted...
The_Real_Turnip posted...
You missed "Yes. Just like all videogames." as an option for the poll. Seems more fitting then some of the options you did give (especially since there's a couple there that I'm not sure what you mean for them, since they seem to be just "no" but worded differently).

I thought about it, but I think that would be unsustainable. Not all painting, music or writing is art; it'd be odd if videogames were different.

Ah, but you're enforcing your own opinions on people now. I know (quite a few) people who would say that all painting, music, and writing is art. They would also include videogames, all of them, as art.

User Info: MC2011

4 years ago#12
From: darkportal785 | #010
Fix'd. Rin never knows.


My Rin does. I just shake her violently and look at her hole until an answer pops up.

Would of added her hair, but too lazy
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