Filial bonds quest *spoilers*

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Had anyone found Torkild yet?
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i would also like to know.
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I'm also searching to becuz I have a feeling it could lead to becoming a werebear why would Bethesda add 3 werebears in a place u cant do anything makes no since even for trolling they could have saved the space lol but yea cuz he says his brother is a werebear soooooooo lol ive searched everywhere only torkild I found was in skyrim ill let moonlight quest but cant talk to him so wrong guy plzzzzz help
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Where do you get this quest?
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Skaal Village from Wulf
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Its in skaal you talk to wulf something lol let us no if u find his brother there's no marker for him I'm holding to God they didn't throw him on skyrim lol but the guy says his brother has falling in with werebears watch him that's all so he could give u the gift lol unless hes at snowclad ruins and I'm to stupid to figure out a way in I'm hopeing someone knows but I don't think anyone found him yet so ppl are assuming u cant be a werebear
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Hey guys I think Torkild is a random encounter. Some one just messaged me (I'm assuming they were from here) saying that they found him a little to the south of northshore landing on the mountains, but when I got up there I only found the stray dog.
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Thank its hope lol
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I found him on the northeast beach