I guess I'm screwed with the "Oblivion walker" achievement..

#11DRAGON07891230Posted 12/5/2012 4:30:13 PM
Emilio the Angel posted...

Thanks to everyone, specially to Dtothe3 and ItamuM for this glitch about the two artifacts from Hircine!

Turns out I had a save file some hours before my missing daedra quests and the final main quest and started from there. Got the two artifacts from Hircine and that solved everything!!! Although I had to re-do the other 3 quests.

Again, thanks to everyone! You've been very helpful!!

Quick note, but if you start a new character I'm pretty sure they patched it. I know I can't nor can any if my friends with post update (1.8) characters. So you may want to be careful on your next one.
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