Thanks Bethesda, my "unique looking Armour" is not so unique in Skyrim.

#11capnovanPosted 12/6/2012 3:49:27 PM
Well, I can't complain as that is how I obtained my Carved Nordic Armor.
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Bandit Chief spent 1600 msp .
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McSwagger0114 posted...
Sniper_Brosef posted...
No one uses my snow elf armor! plus I use Chillrend, Spellbreaker and Auriel's Bow...

About snow elf armor, I got the chest arms and boots but did you happen to find a helmet or mask of some type? I put it on my mannequin but no mask/helmet/hood looks like it matches...I'm kinda ocd about that with having a complete set

yea, unfortunately you cant get the helmet...But I didnt like the elven helmet anyway, I think im using steel? cant remember but it matches well
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Wait what?

Enemies outside of the DLC wear the DLC armor?

That's great!
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VasDeferens posted...
Bandit Chief spent 1600 msp .

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