Uhm.... So.... Rideable dragons...

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Dragon riding is almost perfect IMO. Fix the flight paths(If possible) and let us use bows and I'll give 10/10. Right now It's 7/10 for me.

As for the overall dlc, my only gripes are: can't moves spouses into the house in red rock, can't marry frea, and that one jerk that keeps taking my gold to dig up a ruin(not a real gripe, but he is a jerk.)

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they added spears and were bears in the next dlc. All in all the dlc was worth $20
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It's funny to see how many people are upset. what were you expecting?

It'd break the game if you could steer it and nuke everything.
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Message of this topic? Buy a PC.
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When I opened this topic I didn't expect such a large amount of butthurt to smack me in the face...
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Keldonis posted...
DrBrownFinger posted...
The dragon is letting you hitch a ride because of the power of your voice, it's not giving you any control. If you were a dragon, would you let some dips*** control where you went?

While I see what you're saying, your example kind of fails. Especially when the dragon says "By your command", lands when you request, targets enemy you select , travels to which location you pick, etc......

You are essentially controlling where he goes and what he does as it is now, so for the player to manually control his movements shouldn't really be any different in theory, since he's under your will.

So yeah, it's pretty much half-assed. Maybe the console/game couldn't handle/allow for free-riding, but I'd say bull....they just didn't want to take the time to develop it further.

In my opinion, they should've left out dragon riding altogether, or given the fans what they want. Not this half-assed attempt of trying to make people happy.

If I pick you up in my car you can tell me where you need to go, if you need to stop for food, etc. and I'll take you there. By your logic I should also let you sit on my lap and steer?
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Might just be me, but I think TC is mad.
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Can all the people who only come onto gamefaqs to ***** and moan please go play in traffic?

K thx bye.
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I wonder if TC realises "full" dragon riding would literally break the game, in both terms of exploits, and the game being able to run.
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From: _Pingu_ | #048
I wonder if TC realises "full" dragon riding would literally break the game, in both terms of exploits, and the game being able to run.

Anyone who's been complaining about it doesn't get this.
#50KaraduinPosted 12/7/2012 8:08:30 AM
I got my mod for riding dragons on PC working fine - a few glitches but really playable. And cool!