You are a young nordic woman with soft skin, long blonde hair and a great body..

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I lol'D hard at Molag-Bals immense lead
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Is a woman kinky? if so she woun't mind meeting molag.

What the f***?

Seriously, what in the actual f***?

Are you 12?

Why is it that just because Molag Bal is the freaking king of rape everyone imedietly assume the worst? Did he rape you with his mace by any chance? I certainly missed that quest.

I mean for the sake of all that is evil. We have bondage and people who are into masohism.

No,but you certainly seem to be if this is your reaction to the fact that some people may have weird fetishes.

Well if you're the king of rape then it's probably high on your agenda and I think people will assume the worst.

As I sayed too many factors. But yeah,I do agree thats personally I rather not meet him in the dark alley.
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Chris Hansen
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Chris Hansen

Should take on Molag-Bal.
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Looking at the women in the game I obviously wouldn't be in the game as all the female models are ugly as sin still.
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Zignoff posted...
Looking at the women in the game I obviously wouldn't be in the game as all the female models are ugly as sin still.

I think you'll find beauty is in the eye of the rapist.
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We do have to consult Todd Akin to make sure it is a legitimate rape.
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What's a young nordic woman with with soft skin, long blonde hair, and a great body doing in a dark alleyway? Like my grandpa always says "you can't rape the willing"
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Oh boy....

This topic probably won't last long.
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This topic


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