You are a young nordic woman with soft skin, long blonde hair and a great body..

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A relevant video...
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Molag Bal, The Soultaker, Lord of Domination, King of Rape, Firstsire to the Vampires.

Followed, oddly enough, by Mephala, for me. Spiders are icky.

Unless the Dragonborn in question is Mr. Smith, my artistic assassin. Because as neat as having my severed head posed in a ring of nightshade as part of an unsolvable crime would be, im rather fond of not being killed.

Who voted for Azura over Hermeus Mora and Molag Bal?
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Stormthorn posted...
Who voted for Azura over Hermeus Mora and Molag Bal?

The young Dunmer maiden walking alongside the Nordic woman.
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Very creepy topic. But I still voted for Hermaeus Mora. Although it is pretty even between him and Molag Bal.
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Kids I think it's a bit past your bedtime.


What? It wasn't a joke, he's called the king of rape and I really wouldn't want to meet him. The hell are you on about?

This entire topic was set up as a stupid rape joke. The fact that it hasnt been modded is staggering.

Maybe cause they realise that this is a joke? and like any other it will die by tomarrow

I've been modded for much less disgusting jokes.
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How else should "attractive woman in a dark alleyway meeting an aggressive male" be taken?

Wow that's pretty disturbing, so when you think of a woman running into a man on a dark street your mind immediately jumps to 'rape'. That's pretty sexist.

Please don't poke the hornets nest. There will be too many angry bee's swarming you the moment you show different opinion on such things.

but... i thought it was a hornets nest? why are there bees?

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