Why do you play this on console instead of PC?

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my laptop would start on fire if I played skyrim on it.
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I was thinking of getting a laptop, would the the Lenovo Y580 be able to run skyrim at highest settings on a 1400x900 monitor, or a 1080p tv?
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So is this topic a biweekly thing now.
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punji_styx88 posted...
I was thinking of getting a laptop, would the the Lenovo Y580 be able to run skyrim at highest settings on a 1400x900 monitor, or a 1080p tv?

How the heck should I know?
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Is it me, or does this type of topic seem to pop up every few days on this board?

It kinda reminds me of those after school specials about peer pressure.

I just dont get whats driving this hostility every one seems to have with each other on the subject of whose playing what on what. So what if we play Skyrim on consoles/PCs, who bloody cares as long as where enjoying the experience? What difference does it make if we want or dont want modes? Why do we HAVE to conform to some rule book stating that we HAVE to play this game on (insert system/PC here) just because whoever plays the SAME game on (repeat previous()) says we ought to?

Were gamers, we play games not because our lives depend on it but because we all enjoy the feeling we get when we play the games. There was a times when it didn't matter if you were a PC gamer or a Console gamer, just being a gamer was enough to bring people together into conversation and friendship. To see people argue over something as trivial as to what system/PC they have or play on isn't good, it never has been it never will be. So why cant we just move on and let by gones be by gones, bury the hatchet and so forth, so we can go back to doing what we all enjoy doing, no matter what system/PC your on.

Playing the game.
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#78_Gladiator_Posted 12/10/2012 11:38:53 AM
Why do I play on console and not my superior PC?

-So I can stretch out on the couch.
-Larger screen
-Sometimes my girlfriend wants to watch me play. Little hard for her to do that when I have my gaming headset on and Im playing on a 17" monitor.
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drkpendragon posted...
I have plenty of things to do while I wait. Playing BF3 and BL2 with friends and FC3 just came out. Furthermore, I don't only play games. The advantages on PC far outweigh DLC that is only a month early.

You do realize that all of those things you just listed are not PC exclusive in the slightest, right?

And, IIRC, Dawnguard didn't release to all platforms exactly 1 month after the Xbox release...
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I don't trust my comp to be able to run the game and run it well. I may not have mods on the 360 but it works. Every. Single. Time.