Is worshiping Talos kind of like worshiping Jesus?

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yes, talos is jesus.

No, this is Patrick.

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Hello? Yes this is dog.

dog backwards is god.

Is this real life?
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But back on topic, does anyone else see the similarities between the mythical Jesus and Talos?
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Eh, too different IMO. Jesus was glorified in martyrdom. Talos was glorified through heroic feats and a personal apotheosis.

Oh, and Talos is basically what's holding the current kalpa together. The Thalmor want to stamp out his followers because of the mistaken belief that he is bound by the same mythopoeic forces as the aedra. (Basically a "clap your hands if you believe" kinda deal).
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No the Empire is the Roman Empire.
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"I see what you did there". Apt comparison IMO
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Big difference no resemblence. Jesus is the son of God he died for all of us and taught us how to live our lives to our fathers glory. Talos ia more like a William Wallace kind of guy a huge hero.
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From: ggrissom | #012
Hello? Yes this is dog.

dog backwards is god.

Is this real life?

Or is this just fantasy?
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Coelarapaima posted...
Both fictional
Both worshiped by the stupid people in their respective games
both hated by elves, elves being the magic casting counter parts irl by a different name

one is arab
one is nord
one can destroy foes with his voice

wrong !
talos Is real but jesus well that's for other people to figure out
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