What, exactly, is wrong with casual gamers?

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I consider myself a casual gamer. I play few hours a day for 4 or 5 days a week. Sometimes less sometimes more. Variables are inevitable. Does that mean I don't play "hardcore" games? Hell no. Other than sports, racing games, and modern competitive shooters I play pretty much everything and some of my favorites are the more complex PC games.

I don't think the streamlining process for games has to do with casual gamers, I think it has to do with new gamers for the game or series and how daunting some complexities can be at first. Some people just don't want to take the time to learn it, they just want to jump right in for quicker gratification. Myself and others don't mind the time it takes to learn things. If they appeal to the first group but manage to keep the second group, or most of it, then they've won. Yeah the second group wont be AS happy but so long as they don't completely botch it the devs don't really have to worry. The first group is happy, the second is happy...ish, and they get to do what any company wants to do. Make mo money.
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The term casual and hardcore need to be thrown out.

I'm sure there are many "hardcore" gamers that wouldn't call a grandma that plays Bejeweled a gamer but if they are playing that hours upon hours a day they basically fit the term "hardcore".

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The hatred comes from developers pandering to causal gamers. Mass effect 3 was ruined by the multi player, Skyrim was dumbbells down to accomadate newer gamers. The list could go on.

By all means make games for the causal gamer but leave well established games alone.

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What I'm seeing here is a lot of misplaced blame. It's not on the "casual gamers" shoulders that games are being made more accesible and/or easier to play. It ties into the CoD fad. The devs have to find some way of broadening their own fanbase before they get brushed under the rug for failing to put up CoD-like numbers. Also tied in with the money grab of yearly releases, it's just a bad cycle. It's the same as how thought provoking, deeply emotional or significant movies never make as much as Micheal Bay films.

So, in a sense, it's the dumbass general public's fault for being so easily entertained.

Is CoD reaaly that popular?

Still has the best sale numbers out of any game for the past couple of years hands down.

It's all about the Multiplayer lately. Which I cant stand.
That is why MP got shoe horned in ME3. People like it. I cant understand why. It got boring after about 2 months.

There is rumor also that MP will make a appearance in the next DA

Some people like the competitiveness of multiplayer, or playing through games cooperatively.
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The hatred comes from developers pandering to causal gamers. Mass effect 3 was ruined by the multi player, Skyrim was dumbbells down to accomadate newer gamers. The list could go on.

By all means make games for the causal gamer but leave well established games alone.

Wait. How is ME3 multiplayer developed for casual players? I can see friends having a go at it but wouldn't the rest just come for SP campaign?
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buying the same game year after year and ranting and raving about it like its the third coming is whats wrong with sports games.
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Games be too easy, yo.

If you actually think Dark Souls was challenging, then lol.

Hey, that game was challenging. If you tried to play it like Dynasty Warriors on the easy setting.

Unless you make a build around doing just that.

Once you develop a good Strength build then the game just becomes a less fun Devil May Cry. Crazy bosses and all.

No build matters if you just take hits like an idiot. Especially in NG+ cycles. That's what I was talking about. Ive actually watched new people play and for some reason they don't want to adapt until you tell them to. They just keep rushing in like an idiot and wonder why theyre dying.

And those are people that game just as much if not more than me and I have respect for as gamers. Of course not everyone is like that, I wasn't when I started with Demons Souls. I was VERY quickly humbled and learned to play the game more cautiously.
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It's not that general or hardcore gamers hate them. It's the fact they want games to be shaped around their causal experience even though they don't care much for it.

Essentially alienating the rest of us so they can maximize their brief experience.

Like demanding that McDonald's only serves chicken nuggets for the rest of their existence but you personally only want McDonalds's nuggets once in awhile.
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A good pyro flame +15 makes the game a cakewalk too.

Yeah. The moral is. The game isn't as hard as everyone wants it to be, all you need to do is dodge everything and hit it in the butt.

In fact, the way I approached the game the only things I found relatively hard were unanimously agreed upon to be considered utter bs.

But don't ever complain about the game around its user base. Oooooh lawd.
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I noticed in many different forums and places of discussion that there seems to be a general hatred toward "casual" gamers.

I can't for the life of me understand why.

What is wrong about having commitments other than video games? I enjoy video games as much as anybody, and I mean no disrespect to "hardcore" gamers. But I find it ridiculous that some people view casuals as the "bane" of the video game industry.

Skyrim is as hardcore as anybody wants to make it. It can be simplistic or it can be labyrinthine; I do not understand why it is bad that companies are catering to casual players. They're people too, and gamers, as well.

I actually found it hilarious that people who play sports games are looked down upon. As if there's something wrong with playing Madden.

No one really cares about the lifestyle of the causal/hardcore gamer.
Most of the complaints arise when your favorite franchise is streamlined in order to cater to this growing demographic.
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I don't think "casual" in this sense refers to time spent gaming compared to work or other hobbies, I think it's more to do with attention span.
A "hardcore" gamer, even with limited time (like myself) would quite happily play Morrowind (for example) for a few months to experience all of the story, loot, side quest even though because of my limited free time I wouldn't see any "pay off" for at least a few weeks.

A casual gamer wouldn't even try Morrowind because they wouldn't be able to complete it in say, a weekend and therefore wouldn't ever see a "pay off"....so really what would be the point starting it in the first place when they can get COD (for example) which will give them a complete story plus extras for putting in maybe 5 hours of gaming over a weekend.....

And as casuals are the biggest majority they will obviously bring in the most profit for game developers, so needless to say games will become more "streamlined" so that the casuals will be able to complete the game in a few sittings......which will appeal to the casuals, the casuals will the buy the product and the game developer will in turn make more money.

It's the same reason COD duty brings out a 7-10 hour long game Every year.......
That's guaranteed yearly revenue compared to Bethesda's maybe Once every 6 yearly revenue......

Well that's my opinion anyway.
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