Skooma in Solstheim?

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User Info: RubMyDucky

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know where some skooma is in Solstheim?

User Info: OahuVillain

4 years ago#2
RubMyDucky posted...
Does anyone know where some skooma is in Solstheim?

*cough narc cough*

User Info: RebelElite791

4 years ago#3
Don't know the name of the area, but mid-east area of the island there's a fort with a stream to the left. The stream is gated off and there's a platform with a dead Argonian on it, you can jump down to it from above. There's skooma there.
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User Info: yay4doughnuts

4 years ago#4
There's some in a Riekling cave to the East of the island. I think its called Bristleback cave.

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