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4 years ago#41
Uh... Zoop.
4 years ago#42
Something wicked this way comes. Max Payne at large
4 years ago#43
Well, I've modeled my Argonian character after me a bit, especially in that he's a book aficianado (I probably butchered that word XD), and after a bit of consideration, and keeping in line with Argonian names, I decided on "He-Eats-Books".

I've got some backstory for Books, but there's not enough room here for that (in short, he was born in Black Marsh, ended up being raised in Cyrodiil, and whilst travelling in northern Cyrodiil, accidentally gets mixed up in Ulfric's arrest, and thats where everything starts.)
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4 years ago#44
Runs around with skooma, moon sugar, and poisons
Spreading a little spiritual bliss. RIB Nujabes
4 years ago#45

Rajeer-Ra (If pronounced right/said fast enough it sounds like Godzilla in Engrish, yet looks right lol)


You know the feeling you get when you drink the laughter of children from a jeweled chalice while riding a unicorn though a field of rainbows?-Nikore GF on TESV
4 years ago#46
Mitch, I name all my main characters Mitch, b/c its such a bootleg name.
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4 years ago#47
Reptile the Invisible
4 years ago#48

S'what he does.
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4 years ago#49
I want to prestige so that everybody will know that I have a huge ****- Velvet_Llama
4 years ago#50
LUCK: I don't know what just happened, but I'll go with it.
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