ITT: Post Argonian names

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Damn, somebody beat me to Lifts-Her-Tail. Furries, furries everywhere!
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V8Arwing posted...
Well, I've modeled my Argonian character after me a bit, especially in that he's a book aficianado (I probably butchered that word XD), and after a bit of consideration, and keeping in line with Argonian names, I decided on "He-Eats-Books".

I've got some backstory for Books, but there's not enough room here for that (in short, he was born in Black Marsh, ended up being raised in Cyrodiil, and whilst travelling in northern Cyrodiil, accidentally gets mixed up in Ulfric's arrest, and thats where everything starts.)

"keeping in line with Argonian names", shouldn't it be "Eater-of-Books" or "Eats-Books"? I've never seen their Colovian names be gender specific.
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Mine are:
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My Argonian in Skyrim is named Daz'ahaka. I created a lizardman in Legend of Grimrock, and named him Wades-the-Marsh.
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The_Real_Turnip posted...

Did Namira's at level 1/2 and then ate everyone who crossed me.

Awesome. Very creative.

I have an Argonian warrior named Tough-Skin.
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Kicks-Ass-Takes-Names is the best name.