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4 years ago#91
N1ghtm4reW0lf posted...
I've been using Julanza since day one.

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4 years ago#92
Headshot. Apply THAT directly to the forehead.
4 years ago#93
The Smiling Bandit (Strikes Again! Ha Ha Ha!)
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4 years ago#94
From: BipBapBam | #007
Master Race.

4 years ago#95
Great minds must think alike. Walks-the-World was very nearly named Watches-You-Pee. And he would, and then castrate you.
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4 years ago#96
Guoren Mei
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4 years ago#97
Can argonians bump with dragons and have a winged argonian baby?
Roy's our boy!
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4 years ago#98
Aion. Totally unrelated to Soul Calibur.
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4 years ago#99
N1ghtm4reW0lf posted...
V8Arwing posted...
Well, I've modeled my Argonian character after me a bit, especially in that he's a book aficianado (I probably butchered that word XD), and after a bit of consideration, and keeping in line with Argonian names, I decided on "He-Eats-Books".

I've got some backstory for Books, but there's not enough room here for that (in short, he was born in Black Marsh, ended up being raised in Cyrodiil, and whilst travelling in northern Cyrodiil, accidentally gets mixed up in Ulfric's arrest, and thats where everything starts.)

"keeping in line with Argonian names", shouldn't it be "Eater-of-Books" or "Eats-Books"? I've never seen their Colovian names be gender specific.

Well, as someone said before, there are some Argonian names that follow this format, like Deep-In-His-Cups. I just thought it sounded different.
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4 years ago#100

I roleplay him as a town guardsman.
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