Single Loop Enchanting with Dragonborn

#1theonyxphoenixPosted 12/23/2012 9:25:39 PM
Some quick numbers with minimal fuss.

- Seeker of Sorcery
- Enchanter's Elixir +25%
- +10 From AhzIdal's gear

results in +32% fortify alchemy gear.

- Penitus Helmet
- Circlet
- Bracers
- Ring
- Necklace
- Seeker of Shadow

Create Restoration Potion 172%. Take potion and reequip Alchemy gear and make fortify enchanting potion 88%.

- Enchanting Potion 88%
- Seeker of Sorcery
- Ahzidal's Gear

Fortify Unarmed 22
Fortify Alchemy 45
Fortify Magic 45, Smithing
Fortify Block, Lockpicking, 74
Fortify Healing Rate 56
Resist Element 68%

most enchantments follow the same increases. check the useful info sticky for more info on base values and they should match to one of the above.
Currently testing: V/Necromage/Bend Will, Blessing of the Stag Prince, Augment Ring of Necromancy
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What does it take to reach 33% cost reduction for magic schools?
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