Things from Fable that would improve this game

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4 years ago#41
From: Jarten | Posted: 12/24/2012 1:39:37 PM | #039
At least then you would have something else to spend your gold on

On making more gold? Ok.
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4 years ago#42
Dyeing armor/ clothes.
I'll be in my bunk...
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4 years ago#43
metroidman92 posted...
Dyeing armor/ clothes.

I'd leave armor alone, but dyeing clothes is an excellent idea.
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4 years ago#44

I feed the trolls...meat...loin meat...enjoy!

If you decide it's not enough, I'm sure several others wouldn't mind slapping you upside the head with a bone as well.

Just open your mouth again...
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4 years ago#45
SupremePotatoTJ posted...
I only agree with Cleavers. And nothing else.

And nothing else.

This, that, and the third.
4 years ago#46
metroidman92 posted...
Dyeing armor/ clothes.

Toke jopics aside this is actually a good idea. Being able to dye clothing and at least leather armor would be nice.
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4 years ago#47
Fable (2) also has an infinity better relationship system and character customization (hair/beards/etc and body morphs) wold mean Skyrim would need to track morality and other stuff like combat pref though

hell add property management for every house, not just the one house per hold
4 years ago#48
Absolutely nothing. Fable is a child's game in comparison to Skyrim.
4 years ago#49
WinkingBalotell posted...


Misread that as "Cleavage" and thought, "Doesn't Skyrim already HAVE cleavage?"
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4 years ago#50
MC2011 posted...
I agree with everyone so far.

Call of Duty: Skyrim would kick ass!

You're kidding right? That's a bad idea, if we wanted to play an MMS we would, instead we play games like Skyrim. Multiplayer and co-op might be cool though, as long as the single player game didn't suffer from them.
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