Do you concider Skyrim to be a true role-playing game?

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dat vote count
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From: MarioFanaticXV | #051
No. True role playing is impossible without a GM to control NPCs, and will remain such unless we develop sentient machines.

Not true, role-playing is about how you interact with the world and express your character. DMing just makes the world interact back.

It definitely adds depth to role-playing though.
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Looks like someone can't handle an opinion.

That's not an opinion, it's just wrong.
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sortajan posted...
isn't it hipster-ish behavior to look at rpgs like skyrim and diablo and say "this isn't an rpg," or some such nonsense?

i'm sorry, but as someone who's been role-playing since PnP dungeons and dragons, if you don't think skyrim is an RPG then you don't know what an RPG is. a lot of things are left up to opinion, but this isn't one of them.

This. When did having multiple outcomes to a story become an RPG? It's nice to have, but not necessary.
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