Why is this still number one

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the obvious answer is its still the best
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Stop feeding the troll.
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XXmaniacmacXx posted...
rx54 posted...
XXmaniacmacXx posted...
Uh... Yeah, I did? This was when it was released.

No... you did not do all these 430 quests: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Category:Skyrim-Quests

and found all 721 locations: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Category:Skyrim-Places

in 7 days.

Lying doesn't make you look cool.

Lol, yes because that's my life goal. To look cool on a Skyrim board -.- And I'm talking about the quests that are actually worth anything. This was when it was released. Let me rephrase, I did all the quests, got all armor, weapons, and crap that I WANTED before I was bored.

Ah, so what you meant to say waw I got bored of this game after a week, why isn't everyone else bored?

Silly question.
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I think it's funny how if anyone objects to anything on these boards, they're considered a troll. Seems like a defense mechanism.
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I think its funny when people make themselves look like a fool, but thats just me.
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It's not an MMO...

No it's not, MMO's are the genre of sustainable player base and long term gaming. That was the point of me comparing a single player games sustainability and player base to that of an MMO.

If you're going be a troll at least be one of the bright ones.
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Nice save dewd!
We all know somebody who looks like a horse.
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Btw, there was no comparison. You straight up called it an MMO but whatever
We all know somebody who looks like a horse.
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Skyrim is not number one. I thought the duke of new york was number one?
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