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4 years ago#231
I was born of your dreams. If you believe in me... ...there is nothing I cannot do
4 years ago#232

Right then.
Fascination ends
4 years ago#233

Hmm....I'm gonna pass on that.
GT: SpuddieS101
Black FC 1377 9416 0878
4 years ago#234

...da fuq?
GT: Fang1192
4 years ago#235

Well that sucked for me :(
I like tacos more than burritos.
I'm going to eat a taco, then a burrito. Get it right people...
4 years ago#236
I come out as Asonth. Thought combined with my dad's name it'd make me Asonth son of Elonth, which sounded a bit Tolkien, but then he pointed out his middle name ends with hn, which ruins it.
4 years ago#237
Even if there isn't a hardcore mode...It's food. Eat it. Like a boss. It's a roleplaying game. Go have breakfast. -DoctorScraps
4 years ago#238
Ryener or Egener if I use the short version of my first name
XBL: Krozymodo318
Steam: Krozymodo
4 years ago#239
4 years ago#240


Mine is pretty tough.. Maybe someone can give me a good one using these.
"What happens now?? Hell is full, and Heaven doesn't want me."
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