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4 years ago#261

Seems pretty plausible for an NPC
4 years ago#262
Vi-Jo-Ma. Sounds like a khajiit name, to bad I never play one.
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4 years ago#263
Leadad...not keen on that one really.
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4 years ago#264
Jolebe, not sure what to make of that......
4 years ago#265

.... yeah...
4 years ago#266
Ulrdan... My name has too many syllables.
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4 years ago#267

I dont even know how to pronounce that...
4 years ago#268
Ewaner, sounds elfish
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4 years ago#269
How do you pronounce that?
Ike tan?

I like it.
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4 years ago#270
eserds. Not to sure I want to use this as a name; would not really know what race it fits.
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