I think I may have an interesting challenge for you.

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Very good catch, you're the first poster to make that connection.

Poor use of sarcasm.

Just poor.

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Backpedal backpedal backpedal


Brilliant :)
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Just read through all 452 posts here. Very entertaining. Thanks for making my morning enjoyable. Have some free cookies (I didn't do anything to them. I promise).
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Wasn't being sarcastic, Capt Wolf is the first poster to catch that. However great job at making ignorant assumptions.
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Morgoth the Enemy posted...
Wasn't being sarcastic, Capt Wolf is the first poster to catch that. However great job at making ignorant assumptions.

Ignorant assumptions? Coming from the guy who said the entire human race needs to be euthanized over one post he disagreed with because you try too hard...?

Cool beans
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Is it too late for me to quote some of the cool guys and agree with them and join the circlederp of cool guys?
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I wouldn't recommend it. There has been enough circlederping in this thread/
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priviality posted...
rx54 posted...
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So is your admitted lack of intelligence. Please, peasant, begone. Not only from this topic, but from this board. You're either turning the intelligent people stupid, or you're attracting others of your species with strategically-placed pheromones.

No, wait, that would require intelligence.

You're pissing on random topics, hoping more of your kind will come to your aid! Yes, that's better.

Atleast we're attracted to members of our species.

Now, I'm not trying to start anything here, but this was a pretty clever response. Furthermore, why'd you even respond to the off-topic remarks, TC? The moment the conversation took a left turn, you probably should've just jumped ship.

However, I'd like to respond to the original topic:
Simply put, I don't think it's really possible to make an objectively attractive character without eyebrows. I mean, eyebrows are just such an obvious natural feature, that seeing someone without them is a bit off-putting.

Calling MLP fans furries is a clever response?

is clever now a synonym for "overused, tired, and stupid"?

Well, technically speaking, clever is synonymous with words such as knowledgeable, astute, quick-witted, or even perceptive. But that's neither here nor there. The clever part isn't the obvious subject matter. The clever bit is how rx54 used R41NBOW-D45H's words against him.

Once more, I'd like to add, my intent wasn't to start an argument. I simply found rx54's response humorous.

All the other posts I just 'made', that post put a grin on my face.
I thought it was a clever use because I made it somewhat ironic in the sense of what the argument was about, and who posted it.
It popped into my head the second I read the words "species" and "attraction", I was like "yea... you're one to talk".
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RebelElite791 posted...
govnent posted...

Let's just try to keep things cordial, that way we can talk about something intelligent, and maybe in the end useful/relevant.

That ended by post 2. Now it's just filler to 500.

Thanks for giving me the credit for completely destroying this topic, I appreciate it.
To think I almost didn't do it because I thought it was too harsh to just pop out of nowhere like it did, but then I thought "f*** it".

And here we are.
Nobody is as funny as Greg Giraldo & Louis CK
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