We are all teleported into Skyrim.

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WatermelonFarts posted...
i would slay dragons and absorb their souls with my legendary daedric armor and dragonbone sword

Ah, so you're a writer.

Keep on keepin on.
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Probably become an educator. Seeing as my high school education already makes me far more intelligent than most people in Skyrim, I could become a mage, control the rabble with spells and my intellect.

All that stuff. Though if we were all teleported into Skyrim, I guess my education wouldn't be as unique.
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I'm a student in computer programming so I guess I would be a Dwemer researcher and enchanter or something of the sort. I'd stay with the group and help teach enchanting.
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Ah, lets see how useful I'd be...

I'm a video game nerd who plays Cave Johnson in roleplay topics. Probably not gonna be useful unless someone creates combustible lemons. If you don't do this, here are the possible ways I'll die horribly!

Mauled by bear
Killed by wolves
Death by diarrhea
Killed by random mage
Killed by random skooma dealer
Death by Skyrim's space program
Fall damage
Spell gone wrong
Attempt at taking over the world gone wrong
Sword accident
Death by troll
Death by other kind of troll
Death by dragon
Death by Dovahkiin
Arrow to the knee
Killed for making an arrow to the knee joke
Death by Whiterun guard
Death by Thalmor
Heart attack
Death by mudcrab

And so much MORE!
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Id be a princess *flutters eye lashes*
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As a pipe fitter by trade and always working with metals I most likely would become a smith.
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I;m not sure what I'd do...

By the way, should my Dragon necklace be glowing?
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Seeing as I'm working on a mathematics degree, I... have no idea what I'd do. I'd probably just end up a merchant or start working in a treasurey or something. Maybe start a bank. The sky's the limit, I suppose.
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I'm currently majoring in 3D Animation so...Necromancy shtuffs? Nirn kinda lacks computers...

Come on Sheo! You invented music by tearing a woman apart, you can do something about the lack of computers too right??
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gunsndroses posted...
Brenz0r posted...
Why would my profession matter? I have a Wheel to turn sideways.

For the sake of discussion, consider talents and interests to be valid :3

I reiterate: I have a Wheel that needs turning sideways. At that point, my profession becomes quite immaterial.
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