We are all teleported into Skyrim.

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4 years ago#51
I'm in between jobs right now, but I went to school for computers. The closest thing I can think of in Skyrim would be a book keeper. What supplies we have, how much money we make, that sort of thing.
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4 years ago#52
...... currently learning the game making trade and i have some martial arts training
i also happen to be good in tight spots so probably a a smith or rogue...

also first thing i would find the trolls in the group and give them a swift kick to the groin XD
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4 years ago#53
I work for the post office so I'd probably be a courier.
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4 years ago#54
EddMario posted...
I've never had a job and spend most of my free time on my laptop or playing video games.
And when I'm not doing either, I'm sleeping, going to the bathroom, or having to do volunteer work in the red cross office here in town...
I DO know how to cook a bit. Hell, I even made a new spaghetti sauce recipe that includes celery and some seasonings, including ones that were already in the jar of sauce used.

I'd probably either be an assistant to a shopkeeper, or a chef's apprentice.

"Adds celery to sauce jar"

"Thinks he is a chef"

:p .

I'm a programmer... Guess I'd be turning that wheel sideways.
To be announced
4 years ago#55
Nailbomb posted...
CyberCerberus posted...
About to begin my final year of a teaching and arts degree. I'd be the guy in the town that everyone slowly begins to loathe on a daily basis and who the children hate with an almighty passion.


Well, you could get the brush of truepaint and paint yourself a fortune, maybe become a serial killer...

Oh good idea. So many people from this form i could kill!
To be announced
4 years ago#56
Rethalwolf posted...
I went in to an interview today at this really fancy office, all high tech and stuff... but I was kinda thirsty so I was walking back to the bathrooms to find a water fountain.
Some fitty-odd, sixty-odd woman walks down the middle of this office building wearing a shirt and a purse.
And in like no hurry at all. Strangest thing.

"I don't know if I'm drunk or you're naked. Possibly both."

You mean ONLY a shirt and carrying a purse? Weird.
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4 years ago#57
Doesn't matter. Eventually we'll all be dead once the game crashes due to reaching too high a level and the s*** engine being unable to handle it anymore.
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4 years ago#58
I would hit the tavern and get drunk on Mead, and maybe start a brawl with a Nord Warrior and get my *** kicked.
4 years ago#59
Id probably end up as a beggar or something. Or go riverwood and ask for someone (probably the blacksmith family) to take me in and i'll start by helping them out forging blades and live a **** life.
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4 years ago#60
I'm a writer, so I'd be a bard. Success depends how many of us there are. We might have to spread out a little. But everyone needs bards. Alternatively, my secondary profession is a bartender, so that would translate into a tavern keeper and everyone needs someone to give them the alcohol.
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