We have Vampires and Werewolfs, but what should the next DLC Introduce?

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  3. We have Vampires and Werewolfs, but what should the next DLC Introduce?
3 years ago#81
i want a stealth transformation.

we have VL for mages
werewolves for warriors
what do stelthfolk get hm?
how about a ghost one?
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3 years ago#82
Shadowfolk. = D

Or some type of "Raziel" move, a la LoK.

What could happen, is they make everyone else ethereal, only your weapons etc can still hit them. Meaning you are invisible/undetectable for a time, and can just 'sneak' (i.e. walk) up to people and gank them... a la spirit world transformation. Lesser power, big charge up, and one shot = normal stuff again.

I'd get a third job for an xbox to get the DLC on launch day. = /
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3 years ago#83
WinkingBalotell posted...

You turn into a human if you're a mer or beast, and if you're a human, you turn into even more of a human.

As soon as I read this "More Human Than Human" started playing in my head.
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3 years ago#84

Half man. Half Bear. Half pig.
3 years ago#85

I want to be a Frost Spider.
3 years ago#86
My biggest fear IRL has always been deep dark water. And the Loch Ness monster. I know it's ridiculous but I have vivid nightmares about it, have since I was a child. So bad I can't close my eyes in a four foot pool without jumping over the top of the pool bc I "heard it". I can't even submerge my head in a tub bc of the sound the drains make.

So if have to say a were shark. Or a Loch Ness monster. And yes I don't care if its a plesiosaur I've always just called it a Loch Ness monster.
3 years ago#87
an actual hybrid transformation...or an undead type of transformation for the stealhy poeple, thinking something like a grim reaper type deal...being able to actually dash through people fable style and then reap them with a scythe or something...plus this would intrtoduce scythes to the game which ive always thought were bad ass
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3 years ago#88
How about the ability to use weapons underwater, like Oblivion did. It's no wonder that slaughterfish have killed so many in Skyrim (according to the lore), since its an unbreakable law that no one can use weapons underwater.
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3 years ago#89

Just to twist the knife a little more.
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3 years ago#90
Were, erm, horse? Yes, werehorse.
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