We have Vampires and Werewolfs, but what should the next DLC Introduce?

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So... Speaking of Werehorses...

Wereponies :3

... Or go with the other route and that one hentai with that horse man. I'm sure dark knows what I'm talking about.
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My biggest fear IRL has always been deep dark water. And the Loch Ness monster.

Well a fear of dark water is rational at least.
But the loch ness monster doesn't exist. So no need to be scared of it.
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Werespiders, werehorses?

I think you guys mean weresharks.
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djayk85 posted...
Frankenstein was the doctor who made a monster out of body parts not the other way around

You know, I wonder if every time someone says this they actually think they're being clever and informing people of something new.
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Lich or Paladin-stuff.
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Sparkling Werewolves/Vampires
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I'd like to see that race of Khajiit that are as big as horses, walk on all fours, and are used as battle mounts.
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Quote:Half-dragon, half-human. But not like the dragon born, with more physical formations perhaps

Dragonlance's draconians. Althought they're not a lot of human, just bipedal and large/ huge human size
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