Things Fallout 4 Should Add From This Game...

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I don't really see dual wielding working out all too well. But if they do put it in I'd like a "dominant hand - off hand" mechanic where you get to pick if you're right or left handed. Hell, maybe even just for aesthetics.

As a leftie, I support this "dominant hand - off hand" idea.
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I hate TES leveling systems, so please keep XP for Fallout.

The one things I would like to see would be the ability to have more family/home options. Especially in the Fallout universe, the ability to form a bond with some of the other survivors would be nice. I would totally adopt McCready from FO3.
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a good aim system. like a normal 3 or 1st person shooter
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All the guards should tell you that they took a bullet to the knee.
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i agree with most, don't care by a bit and HELL NEVER EVER TO 1. I can't stand the "learning" system in TES, leveling many skills is easy while others are beyond stupid
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I would appreciate being able to play as different races. ...possibly human, ghoul, super mutant/ nightkin, android, or midget (remember the midgets from Fallout 1& 2?).
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and with cars you wouldn't be able to get through Boston too much wreckage and debris to go anywhere. And driving out in the wastes? You wouldn't get 50ft before you got a flat tire. Plus if someone shot your car up KABOOM mini mushroom cloud

The war lasted for 2 hours and the game stuff happens 200 years later. It's enough time to reconstruct a few roads.

play Fallout 3 you'll see why that just isn't going to happen

Many areas of america aren't in the post-apocalyptic stone age that the Capital Wasteland is.

On the west coast it isn't but the east coast is a different story. It's basically a given it'll be on the east coast since 3 dog will be in it. and in FO3 you learn in a quest about the commonwealth(specifically boston) that the place is a total ####storm. Plus boston is a lot larger than D.C. so even more ruin then in D.C.
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Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
It's basically a given it'll be on the east coast since 3 dog will be in it.

Don't count that yet, Three Dog could be in the TV series and not FO4.
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1. Hm that's difficult because Fallout does have an "established" system already. You level up and spend points, how much depends on your intelligence. Adapting Skyrims system, or any TES System would be difficult, if not impossible. Like how would you balance it with the SPECIAL stats ? What would intelligence do now ? Wouldn't you be able to just max out all your skills by grinding like crazy ? In Fallout 1-2 it was impossible to max out everything, in Fallout 3 it required some careful planning, and in New Vegas it was impossible until the level cap was raised to ridiculous heights.
I just don't know... I have no problem with how everything worked in New Vegas.

2. Yeah the map should provide you with much more information. You should be able to make your own notes as well. Like when you find a locked door or safe that you can't open yet, make a note on your map for that loctation to remind you for later.

3. Hm ... I don't like that so much, the dual-wielding idea. The grenade stuff should just be moved to a dedicated grenade-key like many mods already do. (for the pc version)
Other than that ... well maybe you could strike a balance with preventing you from looking down the iron-sights, so if you dual-wield you can only spray bullets all over the place from your hip.

4. Yes ! Sprining should be a staple of all first/third person shooter-like games. Good thing mods add that stuff in the pc version.

5: Yes, this should be an industry standart by now. I mean seriously, we live in 2013 and some companies still make a big deal about character customization. It would be interesting to play a fat-fallout character for the lolzs. Maybe even get special dialogue options or perks or whatever. You could make different body builds into different "races" as an optional option. Like some really buff guy getting + to his strength and endurance but in return having to eat a lot more.

6: Well ... it's kind of difficult seeing how the Fallout world works, but it could be an interesting part of the mainstory or something to steal a vertibird-thingy from the enclave or something. Or maybe get one from the BoS. Make it a big quest-chain to restore and repair it and then let us fly around.

7. Dragons: Instead of Dragons we could have flying enemies in general. Like Enclave-vertibirds. But they should be super-rare.

8.Crafting: Yeah, should have even more indepth stuff than New Vegas. Make scavenging for materials a real goal.

9. Multiple homes: Like in New Vegas yeah.

My own Nr. 10: A better harcore-survival mode. Because the New Vegas vanilla one may be of some annoyance in the beginning of the game, but after just 5 levels you've "tamed" it and don't mind it anymore at all.
I want a hard hardcore mode like many mods provide, where you're fragile, you have to eat, drink and sleep in a realistic fashion, and you can't carry around so much and stuff.
Maybe even have weapon-slots so you can only carry around 4 weapons or something.
(Like 2 bigger ones on your back and 2 smaller on your belt)
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Mega_Skrull posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
It's basically a given it'll be on the east coast since 3 dog will be in it.

Don't count that yet, Three Dog could be in the TV series and not FO4.

In the what?
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