The last character you killed in Skyrim is now out to get you irl

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misterjaywalwer posted...
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What if I killed myself?
I can't trust myself... I need to kill myself to stop myself from killing myself.
No! Then myself wins... and loses.

Not really yourself though...
Technically speaking, you killed the dovahkiin that defeated both Alduin and Miraak.

So a little bit more screwed than if you killed yourself.

So basically the DB is coming after him, lol good luck especially if your DB has finished all DLC and is lvl81
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The ghost of Haknir Death-Brand and his crew... how do you even prepare for ghost pirates?
I should go.
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FoxyKyoji posted...

He's climbing in yo windows...
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Krosis...well I've had a good life...*grabs a shotgun*
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A chicken.

I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.
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I made Sean Bean but got him killed. Oh jesus boromir is coming for me!
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I believe it was a skeever. Guess I should be sharpening a broomstick cause I don't wanna catch rabies.

Btw Kematu came for me last night, he and his boys were waiting for me at my apartment building when I came home from work. I was still in my car when I spotted them, so I managed to run 3 guys over who were stupid enough to run at me (what is car lol), then I got out, one of his thugs came at me, I avoided his blow and rammed his face into the winding steel stairs leading up to the balcony, and kicked his face into the steps until I was fairly certain he wouldn't get up. I proceeded up the stairs as Kematu came for me, I had to avoid 3 more blows, jump to avoid getting my feet sliced off, but I managed to make it up and his hacking at the stairs had rendered his curved sword all but useless. He charged me in a blind rage and I used a sweet aikido move to throw him off the balcony. As he lay on the pavement wheezing, I finally had time to grab my knife. I jumped over the railing onto Kematu's broken body, and slowly started cutting his throat open like a pez dispenser. I enjoyed the rhythmic spurting of blood for a while until his heart stopped. Finally I went inside, took a shower and ordered a pizza.
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Wonder_Bred posted...
The ghost of Haknir Death-Brand and his crew... how do you even prepare for ghost pirates?

Call the Ghostbusters.
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Rest In Peace, friend and hero.
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