The Next Person You Have Sex With is the Last NPC You Talked To!

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whiteboygene posted...

"Don't mind Bolund, he's young and gets riled easy."



God f******* damnit...

For anyone else who got a big hairy sweaty Nord, how do you attempt to deal with this situation?

Enjoy it.
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Well, I don't remember if my orc talked with Sophie or Lucia last (he's adopted them both) but one of them is definitely going to be scarred for life. And probably develop a crippling fear of bacon.
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Ysolda, not many complaints from me.
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Meridia, eh?

Hmmm... okay!
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Durnehviir......... I...... I don't think I could go through with that....
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Frea. Normally I'm into darker haired, shorter, slimmer women, but hey, at least she's a woman.
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Sibbi Black Briar....... I dont even.. Any advice?
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gee i guess im SOL... ill Be Boneing with Albert Wesker... stupid resident evil why couldnt rabecca have popped out and said hey bravo teams medic reporting for duty :(
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Angi... Yes!