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4 years ago#1

I've done a few missions, and I just finished up with eavesdropping in the coffin of the night mother. Thing is, I go to the Redguard guy for a new contract, and there's nothing of that in his dialogue. It's just his opinion on the jester and night mother, and his life story. There's nothing about a new contract even though the quest marker is highlighting him.

Is there some miscellanious quest I need to complete to move on....or?
Mike Lakomiak.
4 years ago#2
Talk to the other people in the sanctuary. They may have something to say.
Casually Hardcore
4 years ago#3
Honestly not finding anything new. Even tried throwing on the Brotherhood clothing just...to see if that did anything. But I'm still floatin in limbo.
Mike Lakomiak.
4 years ago#4
Talk to Nazir he should have some contracts for you do those and the quest line should continue.
Trust no one its easier that way.
4 years ago#5
Have you finished all 3 of Nazir's previous contracts? IIRC they're Ennodius Papius, Narfi, and Beitild.
Hey there, sweetroll; I just cast Oakflesh... if you know what I mean.
4 years ago#6
Yeah, I did the 3 previous contracts. Also did the one Astrid wanted me to do. It just doesn't show any dialogue for NEW contracts when I go to talk with him.

...I'm hopin this isn't a glitch problem.
Mike Lakomiak.
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