Hjaalmarch Guard Armor

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I might be misremembering... feel free to ignore me.
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I might be wrong, but, I'm pretty dang positive you can buy the armor from a smith.
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Markarth guards wear a pretty similar amor. If you want five or six free sets of their armor do the "Forsworn Conspracy" mission, when the guards in the temple pin the blame on you come quietly. Side with Madanach and escape the mine with the forsworn members. As long as you don't fight anyone you won't get a bounty but they will kill guards that ou can loot.
If it neets to be Morthal uniform there are three ways. Get pickpocket to 100 and get the Perfect Touch perk or kill a guard and loot his armor. The other way, hang about Morthal until a dragon swoops down and hope that it kills one of the guards.
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The method I used was to assault the guard hanging out in front of Understone Keep. Surprisingly enough, (I toned the difficultly down to Novice so I could actually defeat him) I was able to beat him without alerting the other guards.
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Invisibility potion
stealth archery attack