Game keeps freezing...

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From: obishawn | Posted: 1/26/2013 8:41:37 PM | #010
For some people, the game just freezes a lot and in spite of many suggestions, it seems there's really nothing anyone can do.

I've installed the disk to my hard drive, I've moved my 360 to a well ventilated area, added a fan, cleared the cache... my game still freezes pretty often.

Just make sure you save often. Set your "save on menu" to every five minutes.

Yeah, I'm fortunate that the game seems to only freeze just after an auto save or hard save. Yes, I save about every 30 minutes. I was able to avoid getting kicked out of the College and glitching a side quest that way. An auto-save helped me avoid fighting an uber hard DLC boss a second time. That would've sucked. >_>
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