Why do the thalmor remind me of NAZI's?

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The Thalmor are really just based on persecution in general, so they will fit with most parallels. They are, though, voiced by us well-spoken British because 'F***in' Redcoats!" :P
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They remind me of the USA, as well as every empire that's ever existed.
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Van_Of_The_Dawn posted...
SonyNintendoFan posted...
They invade other nations, push their beliefs on them, and think they are the best.

Sounds like colonial Americans to me...

You sound like a typical douchebag to me, Hating on americans.. Typical.
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Say what you want about the Thalmor but they are snappy dressers.
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agentspoon posted...
Say what you want about the Thalmor but they are snappy dressers.

Dwarf shortage.
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Oh more America hate... wonderful
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lol murica sucks edgy to the max!