How many people do you think actually tried to master the Thu'um in real life?

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The government would probably dissect you.

Maybe YOUR government.

My government would burn me at the stake for being a witch.

What government would that be?
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I would joke and say the UK... but Canada.
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Overburdened posted...
I watched a martial arts programme once where these guys learned to shout really loud for something.

Haha, good explanation...

I think it was to either smash glass or maybe push their opponents. I've made it sound horrendous but the actual footage was impressive.

As for learning a thuum, someone crazy may have tried in the hope it works. Like someone trying to go into 'devil trigger' and expecting that to work.

Like a Kiai shout (that is probably spelled wrong). It is believed in some martial arts that the shout can increase the power of the blow. I dunno if it has any basis in reality, but there may be some sort of psychological effect that shouting while delivering a blow imparts. I know as a kid that I was encouraged to do it when I was taking my martial arts classes, but back then I just thought it was an excuse to shout. Who knows?

To clarify, I was not encouraged to just shout random syllables at people for magic to happen. I was encouraged to shout as I threw a punch or kick, as a way to add emphasis to the movement.
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^ Expected something along those line but still hilarious.
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Well seeing as I know someone who tries to go Super Sayian, use the Kamehameha wave, Special Beam Cannon, Masenko, Kaio Ken and Instant Transmssion, I'd say its very likely.
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