This is what morrowind could have been :(

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Noxatrox posted...
You're forgetting that there was no fast travel in Morrowind, so getting around would have been a female dog

There was travel services though, so getting from town to town was a simple matter, it was only going into wilderness that took time.

That said, Tamriel Rebuilt for Morrowind is very well done. I've only played the first two maps, but they were great.
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TC, ever hear of Tamriel Rebuilt?
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Ajd_King posted...
No point in making it bigger. It would probably end up about the same size as the current game, just scaled down. And that's bad, because it's just a perfect example of width over depth.

I've actually played the playable eastern half. Lots of depth :D
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Isn't the majority of morrowind just volcanic waste now? Seems pretty boring to me
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Just the one city was destroyed. Vivec? And of course the area directly by the mountain in the center of the island. I think most places are relatively in tact.
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Justin2Krelian posted...
TC, ever hear of Tamriel Rebuilt?

Isn't the screenshot in the OP of Tamriel Rebuilt?
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