just came back after a long hiatus

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3 years ago#11
joelpball posted...
RebelElite791 posted...
joelpball posted...
lol "if you do'nt want to be godlike, just ignore a significant portion of one of the sidequests in the game"

although i'm happy to hear that they nerfed the relative scaled level of the item compared to the benefit, which means you can't just smith 100 iron daggers.

that stuff was so lame back in the day, since iron ore + leather strip was pwn

Abusing smithing and enchanting is part of a sidequest?

Yeah, I'm gonna call troll.

learn some goddamn self control.

not a sidequest. a legitimate segment of the game. one of the things you can do. apologies for not using the correct term.

Abusing mechanics is not a "legitimate segment of the game."
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3 years ago#12
GriffRoberts posted...
From: joelpball | #008
SERIOUSLY why don't they just multiply the items needed per armor piece by ten or twenty so it just takes longer and more collecting to make each armor piece? wouldn't that nerf it appropriately?

This would make leveling smithing a nightmare, unless they adjusted that approrpriately.

And seriously, when are you ever forced to create OP gear?


i just think its adorable that a segment of the game is so broken.

thats okay, i'll just craft it for the fun of pushing buttons then stick it in a chest and forget about it.
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