cool character names

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User Info: konokonohamaru

4 years ago#11
He must be Thai

just a joke, if any of you out there are Thai

User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

4 years ago#12
Einherjar the Inclement (he uses primarily Storm Call, lightning magic, and two swords)
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User Info: deadpool223

4 years ago#13
konokonohamaru posted...
He must be Thai

just a joke, if any of you out there are Thai

actually the guy was german. also had AWFUL parents
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User Info: Schesparn

4 years ago#14
My Imperial spellsword is named Mercutio Masolaude. I think it's cool.
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User Info: FillyPhlyers

4 years ago#15
Yancy Fry?

User Info: CaptainWolf

4 years ago#16
For a serious response, my Altmer is named Arioch.
Arioch is best Chaos Lord

For a silly response, my brother's Orc is named Randy Butternubs, or Sir Butternubs.
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User Info: FranchisePlayer

4 years ago#17
A dark elf named Shalashaska.

To me, it seems like a fitting name if ya get the character idea.
Mike Lakomiak.

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