Lets complie a list of all the great glitches

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Just watched the "noble" fly around while still mounted. Bouncing off of things and them landed outta sight. Came running back on foot.
It was close...real close.
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Keep vamp lord powers/magic in human form glitch

how to do this one pls?

- Vampire Lord spell glitch when you are able to use the 2 Vampire Lord starting spells when you revert. (left: Raise Dead, right: Drain Life)
1. Equip Conjure Bound Sword in both hands
2. Use Vampire Lord power and immediately Dual Cast the swords (each hand separately)
3. When transformed, charge the Drain Life spell. While charging it revert back to normal while still holding the spell the whole time.
4. Your should now have both of the spells in your hands :)
(Note: Killing someone with the Drain Life spell still counts towards your Vampire Lord's perk tree experience)

- how to use any RECHARGE ability that the Vampire Lord has when you revert.
1. Use the desired Vampire Lord ability that you want until it says its recharging.
(you may want to count to see how long it takes to recharge so you can time the 3rd step perfectly)
2. Switch to Revert Form ability (make sure to count through the quick select menu as the recharge timer counts through it)
3. At about 3-5 sec. before its done recharging repeatably press the Revert Form ability. If done right, it should say the ability is ready when you are normal again!
(Note: The best ability to use is Mist Form, unlike the other abilities, this one functions as its supposed to.)

how to use any left hand spell!
1. Equip Conjure Bound Sword in both hands
2. Use Vampire Lord power and immediately Dual Cast the swords
3. When transformed, equip the left hand spell you want to have.
4.Change power to Revert Form
5.Use Revert Form, wait untill your screen gets blurry and then quickly bring up the quick select menu. It should show that your left hand spell is still equip, this is a lie.
6.Press to equip the spell, when you do everything should disappear except Vampire's Sight
7.Exit quick select menu and quickly charge left hand spell until you revert
8.Enjoy throwing people around and grunting! :)
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thanks a ton. these are awesome.
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Fresh off the presses, permanent corpse glitch:

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staff melee glitch
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Dead dragons randomly spawning around the outside world happen to anyone?