After 20 yrs and 5 games, why elder scrolls combat still feels amateuristic

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TES could do worse than take some tips and tricks from The Witcher 2 when it comes to combat.
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derrick112 posted...
You guys obviously belong elsewhere sorry to tell you but this is not your type of game..... maybe you should stick with Cod

Why do people always mention Call of Duty? That game is ass.
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I dunno, I feel like the swordsmen in this game all fight like 12 year olds playing with wooden swords. I watch stuff like LotR or Game of Thrones and think, "God, I wish combat looked like that in Skyrim." it's just so clumsy looking. Usually why I'm an archer 90%of the time.
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I'm expecting/wanting the next ES entry to have satisfying combat, the series can't really evolve without improvements to it. Pieces of lore in the game commonly referring to swordsmanship and battle tactics can't really be displayed with the current system.

But I know that the ES series has always been a look at the "Big Picture" type of game, it's not Dark Souls however there's a game named Dragons Dogma which had a pretty satisfying combat system that fits the ES series style.

I don't want the game to lose it's identity but I don't want it to stagnate and feed us re-skinned gameplay. Like I said before - high expectations for the next ES...
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TC has some valid points instead of discussing them the majority of the people in the topic are pretty much saying if you play elder scrolls for combat you're doing it wrong.

The two main points of the game are exploring and combat
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SSJ3Goku222 posted...
TC has some valid points instead of discussing them the majority of the people in the topic are pretty much saying if you play elder scrolls for combat you're doing it wrong.

The two main points of the game are exploring and combat

Gamefaqs has always been host to that type of attitude. There are troll topics that serve no purpose but to rile the fanboys. Then there's one like this that makes no attacks on anyone, not even the game itself, and these babies are crying about it "GO PLAY COD".

Part of being a true fan is recognizing flaw. The developers look to us more than most people think when designing the next game.

IMO combat not changing has little to do with "the laziness of Bethesda", it hasnt changed due to rapid fanboys screaming bloody murder if their favourite game is criticized. "COMBAT IS PERFECT GO PLAY UFC OR COD THEN GRRRR!!!!"

The reaction in this topic is so disgusting I'm personally holding Skyrim's fanboys for the lack of innovation in combat.

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derrick112 posted...
Mastadi posted...
nathraxh posted...
TES has always been the "jack of all trades, master of none" series. Interestingly, this is what makes it such a titan - there's no specific aspect that outright fails and ultimately causes the game to sink into obscurity, as there is in most other RPG franchises. There's a lot that's "meh," like the combat, the scaling and so on, but unless you're a single-agenda critic, you'll find something else to catch your attention.

But it doesn't need to be so. If it had great combat and meh everything else, more people would buy it rather than less. While in case of Morrowind and prior games it was somewhat justifiable by the technology available (although it's arguable in case of MW), and Oblivion was the first game to feature fully action based combat, so it can be understood why it was rather better. With Skyrim, they really have no excuse - the combat is just as bad as before.

Are you kidding me? So even though you're playing in one of the biggest worlds created with some of the best graphics to date you're going to just forget all that because you don't like the combat? It certainly is excusable considering the huge amount of content and detail that went into this game. Just look at amalur. That game did have great combat and meh everything else so that just proves your first point wrong.

I did not say Skyrim was bad itself. It combat is, however. And it is not excusable, gameplay should be improved with each and every installment, and Skyrim did not provide significant improvement other than a slight kinaesthetic one. And the graphics aren't as amazing as you make them out to be - quality is mediocre, and stylistically, it's pretty but extremely bland.
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derrick112 posted...
So even though you're playing in one of the biggest worlds created

Ok I'm confused, are you referring to the actual size cause skyrim definitely isn't the biggest map ever created

derrick112 posted...
with some of the best graphics to date

and in no way does it have the best graphics to date.
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Purple_Bender posted...
What "other games" would you compare Elder Scrolls to though? As far as I know, the Elder Scrolls is pretty much THE ONLY fantasy-themed first-person RPG on the market. The only games that have "better" first-person animation are mostly shooters. It's not exactly difficult to animate convincing shooters, especially when you compare it to the daunting task of animating first person fists, swords, daggers, axes, hammers, staves, spells, bows, crossbows, etc. in a way that is convincing and smooth. I thought Bethesda did a great job, not perfect, but I don't expect perfect from Bethesda. I expect art.

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There are a ton of improvements they could make.
-more unique weapons. Swords, axes, maces, and hammers are not enough. Where are the polearms, spears, flails, whips, scythes, rapiers, etc?
-unique weapon characteristics. Rapiers should be thrusting weapons, daggers should need parrying and riposting to be effective, shields should be more for parrying and deflecting not tanking
-stamina needs to be much more important. As it is now you can hack at an enemy's shield just chipping away at their health. You should be able to break their guard, tire them out, or have those things happen to you.
-armour should be unique and varied. A mail-type armour should be great against slashing weapons but terrible against blunt weapons. Plate should shrug off almost everything, but have weaknesses daggers/thrusting weapons can exploit.
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