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Hi everyone. I want to have a redguard as a companion and give him Alikr gear and scimitar. I understand the only redguard follower is Athar the executioner. Is it possible to give him a different weapon and he will change it? I know I've read that you can give him new armor but I'm not sure about the weapon because I think it has to be stronger so he will equip the better choice. I can't test this as I don't have access to my xbox right now.
3 years ago#2
If you have Hearthfire you get a female redguard follower/housecarl with lakeview manor. She dual wields scimitars.

As far as your other question, yes you can give followers different weapons and they'll use them as long as they are more powerful than their default weapon(s). If you dismiss a follower they will revert to their default armor when you exit the cell, but they usually keep given weapons equipped.

However, anything you give them will remain in their inventory.
3 years ago#3
No I do not have any dlc.

What if I remove his weapon from inventory can I still give him the sword if it's weaker? Can you even remove it? Thanks!
3 years ago#4
3 years ago#5
Yes, but why would you give him a weapon weaker than his default? His major skills are two handed, heavy armour, archery, and block. You'll be best served giving him a strong two handed weapon that utilizes his combat skill and that he can also block with.

Pay attention to follower's major skills before outfitting them with weapons and armor. You can find lists of the major skills for followers on UESP.

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