IYO, what's the most under-rated skill set/perk tree/

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I think the Illusion tree gets overlooked a lot on this board.

Their loss. Tree is OP.
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The three perks that allow you to sell any item to any merchant. My favorite perks in the game.
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C_Burns posted...
Edgemaster70000 posted...
I've never seen any use for Alteration. Am I missing something important or is it really completely useless outside of novelty, gimmicky spells?

Alteration is my favorite skill.

Disarm the. Throwing enemies weapon away with telekinesis?
Escaping by waterbreathing if you don't invest in enchanting?
Armor rating/max armor with flesh spells/dragonhide?
Magic resists AND magic absorb?
Paralyze, probably one of the best spells in the game?

You can disarm with Telekinesis?
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alteration or alchemy
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